November 13-14, 2021

Symposium -- Saturday November 13 at the Bright Side Opportunities Center, 515 Hershey Ave, Lancaster, PA

Field Trip -- Sunday November 14 Location to be announced


The Friends of Mineralogy Pennsylvania Chapter 2021 Symposium will be held live and in-person on Saturday, November 13 at the Bright Side Opportunities Center, 515 Hershey Avenue, Lancaster, PA. You can also attend remotely via ZOOM, but you must register (see below) and notify rasloto@aol.com for the link.

Bright Side Opportunities Center Location map (JPEG)


Peter Heaney, PhD, Penn State -- Iris Agates and Cantor Dusts: The Textural Complexity of Agates

Bill Stephens, PG, Stephens Environmental -- The Phoenixville Lead-Zinc Mines: World Famous Pyromorphite and other minerals

Ryan Kerrigan, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown -- The Geology of Corundum Hill, Chester County, PA – Serpentinites intruded by Pegmatites

William Kochanov, PG, Pennsylvania Geological Survey, Retired -- Revisiting G33: The Hummelstown Hematite Locality

Ron Sloto, PG, West Chester University -- Minerals of the Silver Hill Quarry, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Mineral collectors in attendance on Saturday will find many activities, including several talks by knowledgeable speakers on minerals, geology and mining in Pennsylvania and beyond. Online attendance is also being planned. Several invited invited mineral dealers will be present, and there will be a silent auction, give-away table, refreshments, and plenty of opportunities for visiting with fellow enthusiasts. Lunch is available at restaurants within short driving distance, and there is adequate parking at the Bright Side Opportunities Center.

On Sunday, November 14, a field trip for those registered for the symposium will provide an opportunity for mineral collecting at a location to be announced. The field trip is open only to symposium registrants. Safety equipment will be required.

All interested mineral collectors are invited to register and attend. Below is a link to a fillable PDF symposium registration form. There are two ways of registering: (1) You can fill out the form online and save it as a PDF file, pay on-line using the Paypal link (there is a convenience fee), and email the registration form to rasloto@aol.com OR (2) you can fill out the form online, print it, and mail it with a check to the address on the form.

Registration is $15/person for current FM-PA members; $5/person for college students; free for younger students; and $25/person for non-members, . Parents must provide supervision of minors. Please register in advance

DOWNLOAD the registration form for the FMPA Symposium for mail-in payment (PDF)

Register and pay online

DOWNLOAD the FMPA 2021 Symposium press release (WORD document .docx)

DOWNLOAD the FMPA 2021 Symposium flyer (PDF)


Bill Stephens Elected New President of FM PA

President's Message

by Interim President Bill Stephens, PG

After many years of faithful and effective service, immediate past President Joe Marchesani decided it was time for him to take a break from his leadership role at FM-PA. We wish him all the luck in his future endeavors. The Board members present at a recent meeting voted unanimously to install me as interim President until the official meeting at the annual symposium. I hit the ground running with the idea that we needed to get prepared for what will likely be a "Hybrid" Symposium, part in person and part Zoom, at a totally new facility. In our last in-person symposium, we had an issue develop with the availability of the venue we had at F&M for many years. Last year, with the COVID shutdown, we were forced to adapt and put on a symposium entirely remotely using Zoom; with the effective leadership of your Board of Directors, that symposium went off without a hitch. Now we are tasked with not only finding a new venue, but one where we can have in person and remote attendance for the Fall 2021 Symposium. Stay tuned!


The FM PA bylaws were updated to add online meetings and voting plus other minor changes. View our bylaws here

FMPA 2020 Virtual Symposium Presentations

The Friends of Mineralogy-Pennsylvania Chapter held its annual symposium for mineral collectors on Saturday, November 7, 2020, as a live virtual event.

Some of the video presentations from the symposium are posted online. As the other presentations become available, they also will posed online.

Video presentaions for the FM PA 2020 Virtual Symposium


The Mines and Minerals of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, a recently published book by FM member Ron Sloto, provides a comprehensive description of the mining history and mineralogy of the county. It pulls together over 300 years of mining and mineral history under one cover. It is richly illustrated with 510 figures — old and new photographs, old maps, mine surface plans and cross sections, and photographs of minerals from museum, university, and private collections. Many of the old photographs have never been published before. This book describes nearly 200 mines and mineral localities. It includes the known history of each mine and locality and a list of reported minerals. The locations are shown on a set of USGS topographic maps. Because many of the mines had several names over the course of their history, a comprehensive cross-index is provided. An extensive bibliography also is included.

One hundred twenty six mineral species have been reported from Montgomery County, plus an additional 13 mineral species that were reported, but not verified. Extensive coverage is provided for the two most prolific mineral localities in the county—the Perkiomen-Ecton lead-copper-zinc mines near Audubon and the Kibblehouse (Perkiomenville) quarry in Perkiomenville.

Available from Amazon.com

Chevkinite-(Ce) from Northampton County, PA

Check out the article on chevkinite-(Ce), a rare-earth titanosilicate from Northampton County, Pennsylvania by Robert C. Smith, II, and John H. Barnes in Pennsylvania Geology.


Pennsylvania Geology Online

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey's Pennsylvania Geology magazine is available online

Pennsylvania Geology